Bahalwan Agro Trading Ltd. and Jalbas Agrarian Ltd. is a USA Corporation Head Office located in Michigan with our Family Companies Established since 1970 and Located in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia

We Export through Bahalwan Agro Trading Ltd. the best quality of Hibiscus Flower, Arabia Gum, Slice Ginger, Sesame Seeds, Kosso Wood, Doussiel /APA Wood and Cashew Nut from Nigeria/Ghana and Ethiopian Coffee to the EU, USA, China, Middleast and Vietnam. And we Export Brazilian Sugar to Africa and GCC and Cotton Seed from Benin to Asia and Middle East

Bahalwan Agro Trading Ltd. and Jalbas Agrarian Ltd. have broadened its capacity to provide worldwide access to goods, services and technology through its incorporation of the International Our Family Trading and Exporting Company. The “Bahalwan Agro Trading Ltd.” and “Jalbas Agrarian Ltd.” Family’s key personnel are third generation commodities traders with decades of experience in Hibiscus Flower,  Gum Arabica, Ginger, sugar,  flour, wheat, rice, coffee, turmeric, beans, cooking oil, thistle, fertilizers, Cotton Seed, Kosso Wood, (Doussiel /Papao Wood  dry goods),  drilling fluids, cement, plywood, steel, and advanced technologies