Our Goal

It is our goal for high quality and low prices for our customers. We appreciate our customers continuously choosing us over our competitors. We will continue pursuing our goals and provide the best products for our customers.

Our Focus

Bahalwan Agro Trading Ltd. and Jalbas Agrarian Ltd. purchase most of the commodities directly from the farm, clean the product with a high-standard machine at our facility, and manufactures and exports to Companies, government agencies, industrial consumers, mills, refineries, and assemblers in a multitude of international markets. We provide logistics and marketing services and assistance, supported by key strategic partners and relationships throughout the Africa, United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Our vast network of origination sources enables us to source, procure, and deliver products competitively, reliably, and in the quantities demanded by large-scale processors and end-users. Our exceptional access to markets enables to export with competitor price and satisfy our decade of loyal buyers in the most mutually beneficial manner possible.
We take the time to fully understand and maintain the unique requirements, specifications, and standards of everyone we do business with by focusing our expertise on both sides of the supply/demand equation.