White Granulate Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45 Brazilian Sugar

Polarization 99.8 Minimum at 25 degrees Celsius

Ash Content: 0.04% Max

Moisture: 0.04% Max

Color: Crystal White

Granulation: Medium to Fine Grain

ICUMSA: 45 ABU Attenuation Index Units (ICUMSA method no.4-1978)

Radiation:  100% Normal w/o presence of cesium or Iodine, Certified

Magnetic Particles:  MG/K – 4

SO:  MG/k -20

Table Grade: Standard

Solubility: 100% Dry and free flowing

Smell: Free from any odor and Insects

Max AS:  1.P.P.M

Max OS:  2.P.P.M

Max cu:   3.P.P.M

Payment: By Confirm L/C or Cash Against Document with 30% Advance Payment.